Our Inner and Outer World

When I captured this photograph I knew the foreground would be B&W.  I wanted to show that we live in a man-made world.  We spend our lives inside.  Inside building.  Inside books and smartphones.  Inside our heads.  Inside cyberspace.  We often get stuck there, not venturing outside.  Perhaps we are all just inside Plato's Cave.... Continue Reading →

Rocks & Waves

I have another grouping of images that I captured while in Monterey CA, last Spring. 2019.  While there I visited all the galleries in the small town of Carmel by the Sea with a special visit to the Weston Gallery.  I finally saw the real prints of Adams, the Westons, Karsh, Penn and others.  I... Continue Reading →

Lisbon Triptic

One day I took my camera and shot from the hip, literally.  I walked holding the camera about waist level.  I pointed it in the general direction and tried to visualize  what the camera was capturing.  It provided for some interesting images.  Here is one, actually three that work well as a triptic.   Imagine... Continue Reading →


I recently had the fortune to travel to Lisbon, Portugal.  It’s the capital of the country and like most capitals, very clean and bustling with people.  Walking was the best mode of transportation to see the wonderful streets and architecture.  I captured several interesting images using various photography techniques with both a smartphone and digital... Continue Reading →

Do you have your 2020 Calendar?

Thank you for your support over the past few years.  It is encouraging and wonderful to know so many have enjoyed my diverse genres of fine art photography. This year I have created several 2020 calendars with the help of an online publisher CreatePhotoCalendars.com.  I hope you will get to enjoy my images throughout the... Continue Reading →

Brady Hood II

AS I said in My Brady Bunch Hood I find my neighborhood photographically interesting.  Here is another group of images that I took to the extreme.                                 JSH

The Art of Photography

Below are two photographs.  One is the original image as it was captured.  The second one is the image I saw in my mind's eye.  I arrived in Monterey after driving 18 hours non-stop from Denver and was exploring the area when I came across this palm plant.  I'm not sure you would call it... Continue Reading →

Monterey Kelp

This is a series that I have not completed and actually a bit lost on what direction to take it.  I was mesmerized by the floating kelp when I looked over the edge of the dock.  It was really cool.  The water gently moved the kelp in a most hypnotic way.        ... Continue Reading →

Monterey Structures

I had a blast in Monterey!  I am so pleased with the variety of photographs, from contemporary color, to classic B&W, to abstract photography.  After I visited the Weston Gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea I recall my early days of photographing with B&W film.  The internet, not to mention computers were not around.  I studied the books... Continue Reading →

Summer Camp Waterfront

I attended this camp in the early 1970s.  I recently had the pleasure of sharing the camp experience with my son.  He/We had a blast! Normally at home I wake up early (4:00AM) each day and while at camp it was no different.  I captured these images while the camp was still asleep. The camp's... Continue Reading →

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