A Return to B&W

Weather he knew it or not, I had a connection to Paul Caponigro.  While working and learning from David Travis at Elmi Graphics, we made Cibachrome (color) prints for Paul.  Last year, 30 years later, I sent Paul a letter introducing myself and how I knew him.  He wrote back opening up an opportunity for a quick call.  When I talked with him, he asked if I did colour or B&W.  I said I’ve done both but have been primarily  photographing with colour in mind.

Ever since that short conversation, I have been lead back to B&W.  During my visit last year to Carmel and Monterey, I stopped in at the Weston Gallery.  Seeing the actual B&W prints of Weston, Adams, Karsh, and others, I noticed my vision began to shift away from color.  How refreshing and welcoming it is to go back to where I began photography.  I only shot, developed and printed B&W in the late 1970s and 1980s.  I soon realized that several images where I spent a huge amount of time to get the subtle colours perfect were really meant to be B&W.  Below is my Dancing Kelp Series redone in B&W.  Don’t they look great?!  Thank you Paul Caponigro for asking that question.

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