Give the gift of a 2020 Calendar? Several to choose from.

Thank you for your support over the past few years.  It is encouraging and wonderful to know so many have enjoyed my diverse genres of fine art photography.

This year I have created several 2020 calendars with the help of an online publisher  I hope you will get to enjoy my images throughout the year.  They make for a wonderful year long gift.

When you visit my calendar store, you will find the following series:

  • Rock Moss – A study of moss and other green plants growing on the rock walls in Glacier National Park
  • Trunk and Ferns – (13 month Calendar), A study of tree trunks and ferns captured in October 2018 at Glacier National Park
  • At the Bottom – Photographs made during my 3 day stay at Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon.
  • Hike The S Kaibab Trail – (13 month calendar) A scenic journey down the S Kaibab Trail at sunrise in the Grand Canyon. Perfect to reminisce or to plan your own hike.
  • Backyard Squares – A series of pastel greens and white foliage in my backyard. I find them very calming.
  • Dancing Kelp – An abstract series of kelp gently moving in the water’s current. The series has an Asian brush painting quality.
  • Monterey Squares – Colorful detail images from the neighborhood just off Ocean View Blvd in Monterey, CA.
  • In Monterey – Classically composed Black & White photographs of rock and structures along the Monterey coast.
  • Monterey Sands – Abstract Black & White photographs of the sandy beach.
  • Cherry Creek State Park – Even if you have not visited the park, this calendar will show you a wonderful space. And if you have been to Cherry Creek State Park, I hope the calendar will provide you with happy memories.
  • Cherry Creek State Park II – Dramatic Black & White photographs captured during the winter months.
  • Cherry Creek State Park III – Colorful square photographs of the park.
  • Bradyhood – A lovely view of homes built in the late 1970’s. These photographs were captured at sunset provide a glimpse of the transition from the traditional home to the McMansions.
  • Bradyhood II – A more detailed and kicked-up look at these homes and neighborhood.
  • Echos of RRC – This calendar has images from the final days of a deserted summer camp before being turned into a residential community. Those who attended the camp can bring their fussy memories to these photographs and make magic as they relive their childhood summers.


If you are wondering where you can purchase one of my limited edition prints, please send me an email.




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