Our Inner and Outer World

When I captured this photograph I knew the foreground would be B&W.  I wanted to show that we live in a man-made world.  We spend our lives inside.  Inside building.  Inside books and smartphones.  Inside our heads.  Inside cyberspace.  We often get stuck there, not venturing outside.  Perhaps we are all just inside Plato's Cave.... Continue Reading →

Rocks & Waves

I have another grouping of images that I captured while in Monterey CA, last Spring. 2019.  While there I visited all the galleries in the small town of Carmel by the Sea with a special visit to the Weston Gallery.  I finally saw the real prints of Adams, the Westons, Karsh, Penn and others.  I... Continue Reading →

Lisbon Triptic

One day I took my camera and shot from the hip, literally.  I walked holding the camera about waist level.  I pointed it in the general direction and tried to visualize  what the camera was capturing.  It provided for some interesting images.  Here is one, actually three that work well as a triptic.   Imagine... Continue Reading →

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