The Art of Photography

Below are two photographs.  One is the original image as it was captured.  The second one is the image I saw in my mind’s eye.  I arrived in Monterey after driving 18 hours non-stop from Denver and was exploring the area when I came across this palm plant.  I’m not sure you would call it a tree or a bush.  In any event, my first impression was that it was too cliche, too ordinary, to capture.  (BTW, I don’t “make” an image or “take” a picture.  I capture time which produces an image of that moment.  Think about that.  You are capturing time whether it’s a fraction of a second or several minutes.)  I sat on this image and passed it by while editing my other images.  The other day I finally knew how to make it sing, how to edit it so that it was no longer ordinary.  That is what a creative person does – make the ordinary exceptional.  That is the art of photography!  The art of editing!





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