David Travis at Elmi Graphics, Hollywood, CA

David Travis (Dave) taught me how to print colour and in particular Cibachrome.  I worked with him for about two years at Elmi Graphics.  He taught me how to make contrast control negatives and in doing so I learned a lot about the colours in an image.  We working in Magenta, Cyan and Green.  As we filtered the different colours of the chrome (aka slides) I began to see how and when the colours would separate from each other.  Often an image may lean towards the reds, blues, or yellows.  Sometimes this is good to give a certain feel to the photograph.  But often it is a cause for less than perfect colour.  Dave liked to say make the print, the photograph “sing”.  Perhaps that’s when you heard the choir sing the heavenly unified Aaahhhhhh.

I knew Dave had a connection to a couple notable fine art photographs of the day.  I assisted him on prints for Paul Caponigro, Lucien Clergue, and Eliot Porter.   Today, with the search capabilities of the Internet, I learned more about Dave.  He did printing for several famous photographers.  Here is a list from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston of Dave’s registered prints.  I feel very fortunate to have worked with and been taught by Dave.



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