Camp Deerhorn Lodge

I attended Camp Deerhorn in the early 1970s as a camper.  Recently I had the pleasure of sharing the camp experience with my son.  He/we had a blast! Normally at home I wake up early (4:00AM) each day and while at Deerhorn it was no different.  I captured these images while the camp was still... Continue Reading →

What Makes for a Stronger Composition I

This will be a series of audio posts where I discuss the compositions of seven images from my very first one-man photography show at Kent State University in 1981.  I'll talk about what makes for a stronger image.  How we read an image.  How cropping your image is as important as when the image was... Continue Reading →

Sands in Monterey

I have yet another grouping of images I captured while I was in Monterey CA.  As I was walking back from capturing some surf images, I noticed a section of sand with some great natural flow patterns.  Very graceful and organic.                     JSH

My Brady Bunch Hood

I think most photographers are compelled to capture images that interests them, if not why photograph it?  I live in a neighborhood that was developed in the late 1970's.  I call it the Brady Bunch Hood.  The following are images I captured on a recent weekend.  It had rained lightly before dinner and the air... Continue Reading →

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