Organic – Revised 2019

When I left Hollywood and Elmi Graphics in 1988 I landed in Kent, Ohio.  I was making soft images at the time using various techniques.  One of those techniques was pin-hole photography, which I call Organic.  I called it Organic because there was nothing artificial, man-made, between the scene and the film. Get it!?  It was also the time when “organic” was being coined as a selling ploy.

I converted my Sinar 4×5 view camera to pin-hole and began photographing.  I had a blast!  The images had such a different feel to them.  I could tell, and still can, that there were no lenses used, plus the larger 4×5 positive film (slide for the layman) captured a quality that only large film had.  The larger film (or physical dimension of a sensor) captures more of the light, closer to how our eyes see things.  The results is a sharper image.

My recent Monterey trip has me seeing in B&W again.  It’s refreshing!  I liked that my Organic series was in colour, but now I like them even better in B&W.  I think it’s because the images are pin-hole which in of itself is a bit ethereal so B&W adds to that feeling.  These are the B&W versions.  I have a few more 4×5 films to digitize in the coming weeks but wanted to show you the first grouping of converted images.  (You can see the colour version in my Organic Photography 1989 post)
















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