A Rare Look at the Original Image

I have great respect for painters who take a blank canvas and create wonderful images.  Sometimes I feel photographs and photographers are discounted because “all they do is click the shutter.”  So let me confirm that is not how I develop and create my photographs.

Many of my photographs only start out with a click.  So often what I see is rarely recorded on the memory card.  The shadows, highlights, and colors are not there.  When I get home I use Adobe Lightroom to develop and edit the image.  I put in a great deal of effort into developing the image I saw when I clicked the shutter.   I rarely if ever use Photoshop to “airbrush” the image.  I use simple and exact dodging and burning, the same techniques Ansel Adams used when he developed his photographs.  Below is a rare look at the original image and the developed image.  I hope you now have a better understanding of the effort I put into my work, my photographs, and that they are one-of-a-kind.


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