Backyard 2018 pt2

Below are the images that first caught my eye in my backyard.  As I mentioned in the previous blog, it was late afternoon after we have came back from the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado.  I’m not sure why I was drawn the these plants but I was.

It has taken me several weeks to edit these images.  I was struck by the patterns of the images but as I edit them, I went darker and added more contrast.  They did not have the quality I envisioned for them.  The raw image did need some editing but going heavier was not the direction.

Finally, I reset all the images back to the original exposure.  This time I worked lighter.  I made small adjustments.  The first image I redid began to show some promise of being what I had seen.  I duplicated the setting to the other images and the series began to emerge.  Yes, this was what I wanted, light and flat, with a blue green hue.

I also like the very shallow depth of field.  I do not mind that some are mostly out of focus, but there is always something that is in sharp focus.  I’m not sure how large the print will be, but a 10×10 inch print seems about right for this series, a study of the plants.

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