Composition Lesson – August Lake 1990

“August Lake” was about that quiet early morning hours in northeastern Ohio when fog raises from the warm lake water as the summer nights begin to cool foreshadowing autumn and the end of summer.  I was looking back through my image files and came across the original chrome (aka slide) of “August Lake”.  I first noticed there was a swim buoy in the lower left corner. Next that image in the file browser was the same image but without the buoy.  I guess at one point I felt the buoy was a distraction in the overall composition.  Today I completely reject my earlier thinking.  The image is much stronger with the buoy.  Compare them yourself.  The buoy adds balance.  Without it your eye goes directly to the diving dock and remains there, which would mean the diving dock is the photograph. (see third image)


In addition to the composition, I noticed in one file I had increased the saturation via digital manipulations.  august1-090305-750Yes digitally editing photographs can provide even more options to expressing how your mind’s eye saw the photograph, but be cautious to not destroying the image you originally saw.  The original chrome without any color, or contrast manipulations shows the delicate nature of the scene.  The fog was more transparent. There was detail in the diving dock.  Yes, the finite time of the day was fully expressed.

Remember as you edit your images, maybe the image is better without digital enhancements.



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