Montana Road Trip II (part 1)

Over the first weekend of October 2018, I took a road trip from Denver, Colorado to Glacier National Park.  The dates for this trip were first set for the end of September but job and life required that I postpone it a couple of weeks.  Prior to leaving, I checked the weather maps and saw that the first winter storm was moving in across the upper plans of Wyoming and Montana.  I envisioned photographic opportunities of capturing inclement weather landscapes, after all clear blue skies can become visually boring.

I finally was on the road at 2:30 PM Thursday afternoon heading north.  I began by retracing the route I took earlier in the year over Memorial Day.  I was outside of Laramie when I stopped to take my first photograph.  I got out of my car and was immediately hit 40 to 50 miles per hour winds, very typical of Wyoming but I wasn’t ready to be blown over when I stepped out of the car.

It was somewhat chaotic as I ran across the highway, back down the road to the overpass I had just driven on.  The wind was hollering and pushing me back into the road as trucks roared passed.  It felt like I was not making headway for with every step forward into the wind I was being pushed back half the distance of my stride.  You could say the wind took my breath away because I was out of breath when I reached the far side of the overpass.


The clouds did not disappoint because they provided the look I was hoping to capture.  Most of Wyoming is wide open space.  Nothing was in the wind’s way to slow it down.  Just imagine the pioneers in their canvas covered wooden wagon trains of the mid-1800s crossing this land.  The pioneers only had hopes and dreams of a better life that motivated them to endure the hardships they encountered.  Today, we might feel traveling without GPS or cell service was a monumental hardship.  I clicked the shutter about a dozen times, and then headed back to the shelter of my car and drove off into the sunset as the rain began to fall.


To be continued . . .


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