My First Camera

All through high school I was envious of those kids who had a “real” camera, a 35mm SLR.  The summer after I graduated my mission was to buy an SLR.  I saved every penny I could.  I decided to forgo concerts and other activities in order to have enough money to buy an SLR.  Finally at the end of summer I had enough.

I went to the local camera store with the money.  I stuffed dollars bills into every pocket of my jeans.  After all, it was far too much money to put in one pocket.  Oh, back then, I did not have a checking account or a credit card, just cash.

I had been to the camera store many times to evaluate which camera to buy.  Would it be a Nikon, Canon, Pentax, or Olympus?  Oh how I wanted a Nikon.  That’s what all the kids at school had, all the cool kids, that is.  Canon and Pentax just did not appeal to me.  The Olympus OM1 was an interesting breed.  It was a third smaller and lighter than the Nikon FM.  The Olympus would be much easier to carry or pack into a backpack.  It was also priced within what I had to spend.

I began pulling out the dollar bills I had stuffed into my pockets.  The salesperson looked in astonishment as a handful of bills came out of my front right pocket.  I produced more bills out my left pocket.  And finally with the tax added, I reached into my back pocket to pull out the final bills.  I was the proud owner of a real 35mm SLR camera, an Olympus OM1!  Now I had to figure out how it worked.



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