6 Days and 3000 Miles in 12 Photos


On a mid-June morning in Oceanside CA, I began filming my first full-length documentary. For the next 6 days I shot videos and stills as four women and twelve crew members raced across America.



Hours after the start the racer sees her first sunset.



Bikes and rider loaded in the follow vehicle, the crew closes the door and leapfrogs ahead of the rider-on-course to set up for the next exchange point.



An orange sunrise over the eastern plains of Colorado gives warning that we have left the cool air of the Rockies.



With clear skies and 100 plus degrees, irrigation systems across Kansas transformed the land into America’s breadbasket.



A pair of yellow flashing lights gives the only warning of roads crossing in the isolated rural heartland.



Racing from West to East, St Louis becomes the “Gateway to the East” and a psychological halfway point for the racers and crew.



As the racer-on-course approaches, the relay member takes off with a refreshed determination that will speed her through the next twenty minutes to the following exchange point.



In the hills of West Virginia, the evening magic hour provided a quick opportunity to capture the wonderful landscape we raced through.



Racer and follow vehicle cautiously turn a corner in early morning of the last day.



Sunrise at one of many wonderfully worn barns of Maryland.



Rider and follow vehicle emerge from a valley with the finish line a few hours ahead.



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