Glacier 2018

These are a few more images I captured on my July Road Trip.

The days were cloudy with rain off-and-on throughout the days.  It made for some great images but you would never know it by just looking through the lens.  This is where composition comes into play.  If the image is not well composed no matter what you can pull from the image file, it won’t be worth it if it’s poorly composed.

I like both the B&W and color versions of this image, although the B&W looks better for a timeless look.





I liked the layering of greens.  The texture was great!  After composition, texture will help keep an image interesting.







If you visit Glacier National Park or are in the area, they have the most extraordinary colored stones.  They come in all sizes because I saw a couple fireplaces made from these colorful stones.  They almost look fake but they are not.



Talking about rocks, I took these images which really shows of the rugged rock walls.  The tree with the wind blowing its leaves provides a great contrast to the rock surface behind it, not to mention the color contrast.







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