My Backyard – 2018

It was the end of a long drive.  We were back from our Memorial Day excursion to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado.  I was sitting on the couch looking out the patio door to the backyard.  The light was soft from all the shade.  For what ever reason I grabbed my camera and went to expore.

For me, my backyard was nothing more than a maintain project that never ends.  I always feel like I’m behind with its upkeep.  So I was surprised by what I found.  These photos are the one-offs from the main subject I photographed.


These are more classic images and as I have said, there is nothing wrong with classics, that’s why they are classic.  The real series that came from this shoot is still being tweaked.  The images I’m working on longer is a different style than my previous photography series.  Check back to see those in a couple weeks. (Today is 06/26/18).

A few words about these images.  As they are laid out, top left, I like the different textures.  The blue flowers provides a dapple affect.  The straight up leaves gives a vertical affect.  The rocks provide movement back into the image.

Top right – It’s a nice texture

Middle left – a simpler composition than the top left.

Middle right – the Aspen leaf, it’s just a classic image, although I can’t say I have seen it done like this.  The rose color in the bottom right ties back to the similar color of the leaf’s stem.  Since I usually create images that are soft, grainy, and shallow depth-of-field, I like the sharper focus of the leaf.

Bottom left – The classic blue columbine.  I like that it is not prestine.  I like seeing the fibers coming off the petels and the imperfections of the petels.

Bottom right – The green background makes this image.  It contrasts well with the complementary magenta of the flower.  The placement of the main flower on the left side of the image allows for a stronger composition than if it were placed in the center or right.  I debated about removing the small peice of flower on the upper edge, but I kept it because it made the image real, not steril.

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