My Backyard – 2018

It was the end of a long drive.  We were back from our Memorial Day excursion to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado.  I was sitting on the couch looking out the patio door to the backyard.  The light was soft from all the shade.  For what ever reason I grabbed my camera and went... Continue Reading →

Photo Editing

Perhaps this has become a moot point, but I recall when Photoshop was first released there was such an uproar over the purity of the image.  (This is espeically true for photo-journalism.  So let's keep photo-journalism out of this particular blog.)  Photoshop made it too easy to maniplulatean the image.  I bet Mr. Grandfather of Photography... Continue Reading →

Color vs B&W

Today, digital photography provides more choices when it comes to editing and printing images than when there was only film.  We shoot in color and convert to B&W when we edit our images.  Some times we know when we click the shutter how we envision the final image.  And other times we are solely looking... Continue Reading →

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