Fossil Creek Reservoir – May 2018

I’m preparing for a July adventure and needed a tent.  I found one on CraigsList like the one I had when I was 21.  I contacted the seller to purchase the tent but he was only going to sell it through his garage sale on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I could not be there on Saturday.  I thought sure enough it was going to sell, so I let it go.  If it was meant to be mine then somehow it will.  Saturday night I received and email from the seller saying the tent had not sold and he would hold it for me if I arrive early Sunday morning.

I awoke early Sunday, but that’s normal for me.  What’s that saying; early to bed and early to rise . . . .  Or maybe it was delivering the morning newspaper by 6:30 AM in my youth that caused me to enjoy waking up before dawn.  It was a misty Sunday morning, a perfect time for photographs.  Flat lighting can be great for some types photographs.  I gave myself plenty of drive-time to make it up to Fort Collins and the garage sale by 9:30.

Along the way I passed a large natural park, Fossil Creek Reservoir.  It took me a couple seconds as I passed the park to be drawn to it.  I turned around and heading into the park.  The parking area had a few Park Ranger vehicles.  See them gave a ghostly appearance to the empty parking lot.  It was a Sunday misty and cold morning.  Who would be enjoying the park in these conditions?  I would and did.


I found I could change the image format on my camera.  I had always enjoyed the square format of the Mamiya C330, and than with the Hasselblad 500CM, so I opted for the 1:1 square format.  What fun it was to get back to thinking in terms square compositions.



























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