Loveland Pass 2014

Loveland Pass was photographed on two weekends.  The first weekend was in late October when I went for a hike to clear my mind.  I had not been out of Denver for a long while and needed some fresh air.  What better place to get fresh air than the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass.

The Pass was 5,000 to 6,000 feet higher than Denver.  When I reached the summit I was exhausted from the clime in the thin air.  I sat behind some boulders to get away from the howling wind.  The windbreak gave my mind time to adjust to the cold windy place.

Once my heart beat slowed to a more normal level, it struck me how desolate this place was.  Not much grew at this elevation.  It was cold and very windy.  I was above the treeline and saw no plants around me, only rocks.

The higher and colder environment began to open my mind.  After all, it was a fresh breath to reality that I sought.  I looked at the rocks surrounding me.  There was life!  Clinging to the rocks were lichens.

I only had my smartphone camera but it was a camera nonetheless.  I got fascinated by the lichens and the rocks, plus a little bit of snow.  I spent some time looking at how they all were grouped together.  Most of the light was shielded and defused by the clouds.  Boy, it was perfect for photographing these lichens.

When I got back home, I could see better what I had captured.  The images were so cool, such colors.  I went back a week later with my DSLR for better quality images.  The following are the images I have completed.



































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