Maui 2002

If the statistics are correct half of you have been through a divorce.  No, not your parents, but your own marriage.  And then again, perhaps it is because your parents got divorced that you are simply following the pattern.  The point here is that when a marriage is ending you both sense it.  Whether it’s the lack of communication, sex, closeness or whatever it may be, you know.  In my case, it was a lack of trust.

For some reason I knew the end was near and I wanted to give my wife one last adventure.  Perhaps it was a parting gift, or a thank you, but that’s what I did.  She had introduced me to the Hawaiian Islands when she arranged our marriage on Kauai, Princeville no less, so I thought one last trip was in order.  I think she might have thought the trip would bring us back together, but that was the furthest thing from my mind.

Our trip was during the winter holidays.  A fitting time for a farewell adventure.  It was also a very different time to see the island of Maui.  There is a surrealism to being in the tropics seeing holiday lights.  The following are the photographs I completed from that time.













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