Shoes 2009

The Realization In hindsight, perhaps these photos are about "hitting a wall".  Perhaps it's about following a path without really understanding where it is leading.  You are out of step with what's going on around you.  Bam!  You hit a wall.  You are corned!  Can't climb over it.  You can only laugh as you cry.... Continue Reading →

Maui 2002

If the statistics are correct half of you have been through a divorce.  No, not your parents, but your own marriage.  And then again, perhaps it is because your parents got divorced that you are simply following the pattern.  The point here is that when a marriage is ending you both sense it.  Whether it's... Continue Reading →

The Calabassis Series 1987

The Calabassis Series 1987 (originals printed on Cibachrome) emerged from a free-lance job I had photographing the West Hills Hunt Club a year before leaving Los Angeles. Fog was rolling in from the Pacific Ocean during the morning hours which softened the otherwise harsh California sunlight. "Reality is often too harsh when viewed through crystal... Continue Reading →

Organic Photography 1989

Organic Photography was my rebellion against the high technology that film photography had become in the mid/late 1980s.  In the spring of 1989, while attending Kent State University in Kent Ohio, I began shooting Organic photography.  Even back then "organic" was the buzz word for food that was free of artificial stuff.  Well photography, as... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror 1978

As a child, I was always amazed at the image I saw when a mirror is reflected in a mirror.  It goes on to infinity.  At age 21 during a weekend off from shoveling snow for LTV owned Steamboat Resort, I took these mirror mirror photos. The images here are from the contact sheet of... Continue Reading →

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